Application Form to Host a Stall at the Winter Bazaar

Sunday 24th Nov 2019 | 11:30am - 4:30pm | Winter Garden Room @Astoria Hotel

Please complete the form by Friday 25th October 2019.

Any questions, please contact us at

(for example the country you will be representing or company name. This name will be displayed on the day)
How many trestle tables do you wish to have allocated to your stall? *
(please note the Astoria is assigning multiple sized tables so we are unable to give you exact measurements at this stage)
(For example types of food, crafts or products. If planning to sell food/drinks, you will need to provide plastic plates, cups, cutlery, take-away boxes, paper napkins, etc. We ask that all stalls are mindful of the Astoria Hotel and do not sell anything or engage in any activity that may dirty or damage the hotel premises.)
Will your stall require electricity on the day? *
(This is important to ensure your stall is close to a power outlet)
Name *
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Need help? We can assign volunteers to help you with your stall on the day.
(every volunteer will help for one hour only.)
If yes, what time will you require a volunteer?
(You can select multiple times if required)

Thank you for participating in this year’s
IWC Winter Bazaar