Charity Activities

The Charity Committee is responsible for distributing the IWC charity funds. The Charity Committee reviews in detail and then votes on each request submission made to the IWC.

We aim to do this by raising money that we can donate to specific charity organizations. However we also seek ways in which to be involved and help the community directly, such as:

  • Visits by IWC members to orphanages/ hospitals

  • Visits and/or specific medicine/aid for individuals

  • Service days in the community

How We Raise Money

The IWC raises money for charity through a variety of activities, mainly:

If you have questions, inquiries, suggestions regarding our charity work, please get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you.

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Some of the Projects We Support

We support a variety of charities in St Petersburg and the Leningrad Oblast, some of these are: