INTERVIEW v.1 - Co-Presidents: Jane Steggall (Australia) & Linda Mellner (Finland) 


What position do you currently hold on the IWC Executive Committee (EC)?
El-Co-Presidente… but I’m aiming for higher ☺
Linda: what she said!

Walk us through a typical week in your position at IWC EC Headquarters?
Monday’s we love meeting up at an exclusive secret venue to catchup… I mean officially discuss all things IWC!! Focusing on GM venues/themes/costs etc. On a daily basis I love responding to IWC emails, Facebook or WhatsApp messages we receive. Our private members and public Facebook pages are always fun to scroll through to keep up to date with activities. There is always something happening and we love seeing the photos… so please post more!
Linda: Monday’s I drop my son at care, go to Anne’s fabulous Pilates class and then meet my Co-President so we can plot future events for our members. After two or three coffees, it’s then time for lunch ☺  The other days can be spent visiting venues and discussing possible meetings….and of course attending IWC activities! We also assist with the IWC Bulletin that goes out every Friday.

What big thing are you currently working on?
General Meetings are always time consuming. We are currently locking down venues, activities and catering for our March, April and May meetings. They are pretty exciting!! Got any suggestions for next year?
Linda: Apart from waiting for my baby to come along (!!!)… we are working hard at coming up with unusual and fun things to do with Members at GMs.  

Why Is this position available?
This year we have so many new Members…. so we want to open all Executive Committee positions to see what talent we have out there. The more the merrier! There is always room for those who are willing.
Linda: All the roles are filled by volunteers so we can’t forget that people have other lives too (WHAAAT??!). Sometimes it’s a nice change or on the other hand, it’s nice to have another person to help lighten the load.

What will be the biggest challenge for the person(s) filling this position?
I’m pretty sure public speaking is at the top of my list! ☺ But after that… probably coming up with venues for the General Meetings. It is fun pushing the boundaries to come up with exciting venues for our Members, but it’s challenging.
Linda: Working with my Co-President (!!) … [laughs] noooooo of course not! Biggest challenge is waiting for people to sign-up for General Meetings. We estimate attendance and pre-pay our venues, so that is why we annoy you with so many reminders to sign-up… we don’t want to spend your money unnecessarily ☺  

What would other EC members say is the best part about working on the EC team?
:  hmmmm… our personalities?! We all get along really well on the team. This helps a lot when you need to rely on others. All the team are great!
Linda: The relaxed and fun energy of the Committee. Everyone is super nice and only wanting to do what is best for our Members. If anyone needs help you just ask and there is always someone who will be willing to assist.

Tell us exactly what would be expected for someone who would like to take on this position?
The main thing is to organize all the General Meetings. This is the biggest task to tackle. Our membership costs don’t allow for elaborate events, so we have very little cash to spend. It’s always a balancing act trying to get venues to donate rooms and then also give us discounts on any food or equipment.
Linda: Every month the Executive Committee meet up at someone’s house for 2.5hours. It is the Co-Presidents role to organise meetings, set agendas and run the meetings. We like these to be social as well as serious… we are a social club after all… it is meant to be fun! ;)