Recycling in Saint Petersburg

Recycling in Russia is getting better and they are starting to put recycling bins in the basements of some big apartment blocks, but unfortunately this has not made it to the city centre. So what do you do with your recycling? Here are some recycling options tried by our members.

Recylce old light bulbs, batteries or thermometers

https://экоспб.рф/ - has mobile units that collect items from different addresses around the city, they also have drop boxes at prescribed locations.

Here's the list of dates, locations and times for the mobile unit for the Centre of the City: https://экоспб.рф/ekomobili/centralnyj/ It is only in Russian, but is quite easy to read. The main regions IWC members typically live in are: М.О. Дворцовый округ, М.О. Владимирский округ, М.О. Литейный округ and М.О. №78. The van is usual small and white has the logo shown on the image to the left on its side. There is also usually a little A-frame board on the pavement next to the van to help you see it.

Here's the list of permanent drop boxes in the central region, again only in Russian, but with a map, so you can find your nearest box: https://экоспб.рф/ekoboksy/centralnyj/

The Greenpeace recycle map

Unfortunately this is in Russian only, but you can zoom in and then click on your nearest point - you will then get a list including what they take, the address and any information like directions, working days/hours etc. There is a grassroots initiative called ‘Razdelni Sbor’ that has various points around the city on the first Saturday of the month, but these are also listed on this Greenpeace map -

Ashan supermarket on Borovaya Ul 47A

They have a large recycling point in the car park. It is open 24hrs, but official working hours when there is somebody there are Monday - Friday 18:00 - 21:00 and Sat & Sun 12:00 - 21:00

There you can recycle, glass, plastics (1-5), metal, paper, tetra-pak, unfortunately they do not take batteries or light bulbs

During working hours you can also give foam material with markings 2/HDPE and 4/LDPE, large pieces of clear polyethylene, bubble wrap, any wire, CDs

During weekend working hours you can give plastic bags and toothbrushes.

Perekrestok Supermarket, IKEA, Ulmart

They have boxes for batteries.

Old clothes and fabric

For stuff that has no value in it (in other words cannot be sold at the Winter Bazaar!) H&M on Nevsky has a donation box, as does the charity shop Spasibo.