We would like to introduce you to the inner workings of the IWC through interviews with its Executive Committee Members. We’d like to give you a taste of how we work and what we do. We’d love if you would volunteer your time for any of the positions that are open.

Past Interviews

INTERVIEW v.9 - honorary president: lies Brouckaert (belgium)


Walk us through a typical week in your position at IWC EC Headquarters?
When I was asked to do this role last year in April, I was reluctant to accept as I had just become mother for the second time. My fear was that I would never be able to engage enough to support the IWC. This fear was quickly taken away by the argument that as Honorary President you don’t have many operational or recurrent tasks.  Having a newborn baby but feeling the desire to contribute to and be part of a team, I quickly decided to accept the role.

How would you describe the role of an Honorary President?
The Honorary President is a partner of a diplomatic head serving a term of office in St Petersburg-invited by the Executive President(s) of the club. The Honorary President is an official representative of the IWC, acts as a liaison between the IWC and the diplomatic community and promotes the IWC throughout the Saint Petersburg diplomatic community.

Why is this position available?
This position is already filled in by Iulia Mustatea. Unfortunately I am going back to Belgium this summer and ideally -as the IWC constitution says- this role is filled by a partner of a Consul General (or Embassy). Together with Jane and Linda, I am more than convinced that Iulia will do an excellent job.

What will be the biggest challenge for the person filling this position?
I defined two main goals as Honorary President: 1. Attract more people from consulates to the IWC club 2. Have a bigger participation of consulates to the IWC winter bazaar. Having those 2 goals in mind, I had the pleasure to organize last September a lunch at the Consulate General of Belgium where I had invited the spouses from more than 25 Consulates. It was a rewarding experience as finally we managed to have more members and a bigger participation to the bazaar. I am very much results oriented, so I was happy. But I must add that all credits go to Leyla and Alfiya who make the memberships concrete and to Madita who finally organized the participation of the consulates to the Winter Bazaar.

What big things are you currently working on?
My move back to Belgium and supporting my husband in the organization of some diplomatic events.

What is for you the best part of being member of the EC team?
First I would like to thank Jane and Linda for their great work as presidents. I believe they have shown true leadership skills. In a very natural way with a good sense of humor, they managed to create trust and a warm atmosphere in the EC team. This is for me a condition sine qua non to make a team work. Thanks to them I could organize a workshop around the challenges and benefits expats can experience when being abroad. The EC team is a team where as a member you can come up with ideas or dreams and bring them alive.