Expat Coaching Workshop

Who is this workshop for?

  • Anyone who wants to make the best out of his or her expat life

  • Anyone who wants to prepare well for their return home after some years in a foreign country or prepare for a future posting.

  • What is the goal of the workshop? To help the audience answer following questions:

    Since I am abroad, I feel unlike myself, why?
    How can I find strength after so many changes abroad?
    How can I live through this stay abroad in harmony with my values?
    How do I find my own priorities? 



  • Max 12 participants

  • Coffee break and lunch (700 RUB)

  • Training is in English

  • Training will take place at the Dom Boutique Hotel


  • Should of course be open to work on themselves, share experiences and have respect for each other.

  • My role as a facilitator will be to create an environment of trust, make sure participants are at ease to share thoughts.


3 sessions organized on Tuesday 26/02, Tuesday 5/03 and Thursday 14/03 at the Dom Boutique Hotel. Sessions will be held from 9.45am till 2pm.


Free. You only pay for the lunch and coffee break. 700 RUB all included.

Signing Up

Registration for the program, means registration for all the 3 sessions. Subscribing for 1 session is not possible and does not make any sense. So before singing up please make sure you are free and can join all 3 sessions.

To register send an email to liesbrckrt@gmail.com before 22/02.

Who am I?

I am member and Honorary President of the IWC. 

I have acquired more than 10 years progressive experience in the FMCG industry (Mondelez International) in both sales and marketing roles. Driven by my passion for personal development in particular and human nature in general, I have taken coaching training (The ROOT program accredited by ICF) where I learnt the basic skills of coaching on competency level. This training helped me on a personal level to understand better my own talents, to unlock my passion for connecting with people, and finally helped me to reorient my career to Human Resources at Mondelez International. 

Why do I organize this training?

Although I am not a real expert in expat life yet (Saint Petersburg is my first posting abroad), I have been working a lot on ‘change’ in my professional career.  In one of my last roles, I had to guide sales people through the company’s strategy.  Naturally, we are all resistant to change. I am passionate to work on people’s resistance to change and finally feel satisfied if I can lead them to the desired outcome. Also I have a passion for connecting with people and speaking in public. My goal is to use the competencies I learnt through my career to unleash people’s potential and of course have some fun.