INTERVIEW v.2 - Communication team: yulia liakhovenko (ukraine) & elif hawkins (Turkey)

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What position do you currently hold on the IWC Executive Committee (EC)?
Yulia & Elif:
We are the Communication team of IWC 🤗The ones who are entertaining you on a weekly basis… ops informing you about what’s going on in the city and our community.

Walk us through a typical week in your position at IWC EC Headquarters?
Normally we are not working too much 😝Joke. If you are social media lover, there is an easy job for you to do! While scrolling your Instagram feed digging for news, you can also feel important doing a job for IWC! 👸Normally I’m busy 3 days a week (from Tuesday to Thursday): looking for news and making sure they sound interesting for our weekly bulletin being issued every Friday.
Elif: Thankfully I have Yulia’s help with city news. My lack of Russian used to make that work twice as long! Now, I take care of the IWC news section of the bulletin and the website. We are trying to keep a more up-to-date site to complement the bulletin where people can go any time and find what they are looking for.

What big thing are you currently working on?
Well, I did not think about my work as about something big😀 It’s funny, entertaining in the first run. I do try to imagine and introduce new sections to the bulletin to make it varied and helpful for different people and tastes. That’s how I came up with the idea to make a section about movies in original languages. For me personally it was a challenge to find the cinemas in the city where I could see them and also always have an updated schedule at a hand. I hope now our bulletin resolved this problem ☺️
Elif: I am currently working on an interactive calendar for all things going on in the IWC for the website, something everyone members and non-members can access.

Why Is this position available?
Yulia & Elif:
We think it’s fun job to do and we’d like to share it with others. 🤗 It’s a great intro to the IWC and the city life, a great way to integrate with the community.

What will be the biggest challenge for the person(s) filling this position?
Yulia & Elif:
Trying to work without prosecco! 👯🥂We don’t have many challenges even if sometimes it’s hard to be interesting and informative for various tastes and expectations.

What would other EC members say is the best part about working on the EC team?
Yulia & Elif:
Our EC team is super nice, it’s lovely to work with everyone! It’s a great synergy between us. Though we usually have lots of fun at our meetings, we also learn from each other and develop ourselves.

Tell us exactly what would be expected for someone who would like to take on this position?
Yulia & Elif:
You just need to be willing to explore the city and community, to find as much information as possible and then analyze it and wrap in the best way from your point of view 👩‍🏫 Then it requires couple of days of your time for putting a bulletin together (it’s not difficult, we can show you quickly how to do it 😉). And then just enjoy your way - full of many discoveries, new people and great social life! Attention to detail, willingness to learn and teamwork also come in handy!