INTERVIEW v.4 - Chair of Winter Bazaar: MADITA STOER (netherlands)

Madita 3.jpg

What position do you currently hold on the IWC Executive Committee (EC)?
I am the luckiest person on the EC as I hold the Chair of the Winter Bazaar Committee role. I have the fantastic job of organizing the greatest IWC event of the year, the annual Winter Bazaar. The Bazaar will be held annually in November at the 5* Astoria Hotel. This event is also the largest fundraising event for the IWC and with the money raised, we support the many charities that the Charity Committee looks after.

Walk us through a typical week in your position at IWC EC Headquarters?
The busiest time of the year for this role is September – December. By this time I will have recruited an amazing team of IWC members that together with me, organize the bazaar. Tasks are divided according to the member’s strength and (professional) background. My main task is coordinating the whole organization and the day itself. So I will make sure the Winter Bazaar team meet regularly, that we all report back on the progress of our area of responsibility, we support each other where needed, share ideas and that we in general are heading in the right direction within the short timeframe. We all make sure we promote the Bazaar as much as possible. This way we get as many people involved as possible. This means making sure people will visit the event, will volunteer at the event and schools, Consulates and local and international businesses participate in which ever way they can.

What big thing are you currently working on?
Finding a replacement for my role as this fantastic job is available and I am unable to organize this year’s bazaar.

Generally from January onwards, there is not much for me to do. I do try to keep in touch with the Winter Bazaar sponsors to explore ways of working together so that there is an ongoing partnership. I attend the EC Committee meetings as well as the Charity Committee meetings so I get to see the money distributed amongst the various charities that the IWC supports. 

Why Is this position available?
I have been privileged to organize the Winter Bazaar twice in a row. Since I have another project that will require my attention and devotion later this year, I am unable to be the Chair once again. But I will make sure I support the new Chair as much as is needed.

What will be the biggest challenge for the person(s) filling this position?
I wouldn’t describe the role challenging, but mostly rewarding. I have met so many great people along the way and always found the support I got from everybody involved, very heart warming. Everybody’s efforts will pay off big time and the financial result will make a big difference for the IWC charities. However, the organization of the event happens in a short period of time so devotion, and timekeeping and organization skills are a must.

Tell us exactly what would be expected for someone who would like to take on this position?
It will really help if you possess great organizational skills, can multitask, network and have a tremendous drive to put on a successful event. So it is quite a bit of work for 3 months, but the result is ever so rewarding. I have been lucky to have had a fab Winter Bazaar team two years in a row giving their all to make it happen. I believe it is also a great opportunity to gain new skills or continue using existing skills and it will keep your CV ticking along. I also found it important that I give back to the community in which I live and found the WB a perfect opportunity to do so. The framework and contacts are on file so you have the backup to put on the amazing 2019 Winter Bazaar!

What would other EC members say is the best part about working on the EC team?
That you can make a difference in how the club is run. We share ideas and come up with some great new initiatives to keep the club interesting for our members. It’s a friendly and supportive team of ladies I like to be around.